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George is an amazing 8 year old boy. Aged 2½ he was diagnosed with Leukaemia. During the 3 ½ years of his intensive treatment he has spent more than 25% of his life staying in hospital. During his treatment he was subjected to daily chemotherapy and medication every 4 hours and as his immunity was so low he had shingles 6 times as well as regular infection and viruses. He has led a far from normal life, in fact he can only remember being ill. Amazingly in November 2016 he won the fight when he was finally given the all clear, although he will always need regular checkups and medication to ensure he remains this way. From the diagnosis and throughout his illness, little George and his family have been supported by Candlelighters every step of the way – without them life would have been impossible. Mark and Helen, and their 4 children, now spend much of their time giving back to this wonderful charity. Team George is made up of their friends who simply wish to help them with their support of Candlelighters by raising some much needed funds for this special charity.


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Candlelighters, bringing light and hope to families of children suffering with cancer.

Founded in 1976 by families and medical staff, Candlelighters continues to help support children with cancer and their families, through funding research, family holidays, grants, essential additional services within the hospital and vital support for all the family members. Now more than 40 years into their journey, their aim today is the same as it has always been - to bring support and hope to ordinary families who are facing extraordinary circumstances.


Looking to raise some funds for Candlelighters, Mark asked a few of his friends to join him on an organised event tackling the Yorkshire 3 Peaks. Afterwards sat celebrating completion and tending sore feet the group decided to meet up to do another challenge on the following year and Team George was born.

A few years on and several challenges later the team has grown and still welcomes new members to join the common goal of promoting Candlelighters and raising much needed funding for their amazing work.

If you would like to find out more or join the team please click the link below and complete the contact form.

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